Language Services:

DBA provides professional translation & interpretation services. All translators & interpreters are native speaking, certified professionals. The Legal Translators are registered with the department of Justice.
Our translators ensure that the translation conforms fully to the expectations of the target audience by contributing essential linguistic, cultural and subject matter expertise to the localization process.

We can provide following linguistic services:

. All kind of Translation& Interpretations (Legal, Documentation, Websites, Audio Scripts, Intellectual Property, etc.)
. Proof Reading: Review & post-editing of all documents
. Our translators are professionally qualified linguists and have extensive experience in industry. Our translators work only in subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience and are rigorously tested.
. Our team of translators is always ready to render your text into the language of choice.
. You can send us the documents via E-mail or Fax.
. Fast and accurate delivery of translations anywhere in the world via E-mail, Fax or express mail.

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